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The trusted “Brand” supports activities of saving lives.

Along with the history of Japanese Breathing Apparatus.

Since we developed the first made in Japan Oxygen Breathing Apparatus in 1927, we have sent out various Breathing Apparatus to the world which meet requirements of many applications of such apparatus. It is our mission that “we support and secure people that they can safely act under any circumstances.”
We have moved forward along with the history and we will continue to build such a new history from now on.

Air becomes tense at the time of disaster.
We would like to protect human lives even under any dangerous situation.

We are developing “Breathing Apparatus” with strong thought as if we are in the middle of action as a member of a rescue team.

The “pursuit of easiness of movement” will neither stop nor stay.

When we develop products, we pursuit not only safety and reliability but also easiness of use and easiness of movement in the field.

Supporting air purification of a Submersible Research Vehicle and a Submarine.

Images supplier: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology (JAMSTEC)

We supplied an air purifier for the first submarine “Oyashio” made in Japan, because our company had already developed an air purifier for submarines in 1932. Since then we are protecting many lives of people who are working in many submarines.
Presently we have supplied our air purifiers to “Shinkai 6500” manned submarine research vehicle widely active in the world’s ocean.