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KB Type Hybrid Air Line System

Supply purified air for breath to workers!!
Combination of “Supply facilities for purified air for breath” and “Pressure Demand Type Air Line Mask” is suitable for the works under harmful situation including hazardous material, toxic gas, radioactive, etc.

Stationary Type

Mobile Type

Mobile Type Figure

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare directs its sub-organization or related entities to supply clean air to workers. Those directions include notices that when they use air line masks, employers must supply clean air which does not contain hazardous material, oil mist or dust or notices that workers must be taken care not to inhale harmful air.

Air Water Safety Service Inc. has a lot of supply references of KB Type Hybrid Air Line System to Municipal Waste Incineration Plant, Pharmaceutical Plant, Chemical Factory, Painting Plant, Semi Conductor Plant, Nuclear Related Factory, Laboratory Facility, etc. so as to protect workers from hazardous material of dioxin, organic solvent or dusts, and from toxic environment of toxic gas or radioactive.