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Reliable technology will ensure safety and ease of mind of users.

Fire Extinguishing Business has started from developing of fire fighting apparatus for air crafts.

Our company undertook the development of the fire fighting apparatus for air crafts in 1942.
Then it has expanded its business in manufacturing and sales of fire extinguishing systems installed in buildings or mounted on ships that apply high pressure gases.
Basing upon proven technology that has been piled up, we are continuing to carry out development of reliable products which exert reliable function in preparation for the event of fire.

The technology to control high pressure gas.
“Nitrogen Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems” is friendly both to people and to the Earth.

Fire extinguishing systems using water are not suitable for computers at data center and art paintings at museum because those are damaged or ruined by water.
We have evolved gas fire extinguishing apparatus or systems to be used in these specific situations.

Fire extinguishing equipment to suit the scenes, such as kitchen, factory, parking lot, etc.

We are capable to propose fire extinguishing equipment and systems to suit the various scenes.
At the scene of hotel kitchens and restaurants where oils and foods are dealt with, our “Kitchen Gem” is suitable which senses the fire in 24-hour watch and automatically extinguishes the fire if it detects it.
At painting factory, machine tools, etc, where special combustible materials such as paints and oils are stored, we propose fire extinguishing systems using CO2.
At parking lot, heliport, etc. we propose foam fire fighting systems that extinguish fire by suffocation and cooling effect of foam.

Hoping the safe navigation.

Fire extinguishing systems installed on vessels sailing ocean are required high reliability, since no timely support from outside is expected once fire occurs in vessels.
Our company, as one of the leading manufacturers of fire extinguishing systems for vessels, has supplied our fire extinguishing system to more than 8,000 vessels including both coastal sea and ocean-going vessels during these 60 years by pursuing high reliability and has supported the safe sail of those vessels.