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Example of the system

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguish System (Largest record of supply in Japan)

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguish System of Air Water Safety Service Inc. was highly appreciated its certainty and reliability and has been installed at governmental facilities, industrial field like power plant, scientific facilities, machineries, etc. and general buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. The system is suitable at the places where extinguishing by water, which causes water-damages or stain-damages, is not proper.

Halon 1301 Fire Extinguish System

Halon 1301 has been regulated and prohibited to produce in 1993 due to the reason that it has destructive substance to ozone layer. However as an exceptional case if it is judged as critical use (It means security requirements are extremely high and there are no alternative facilities.) Halon Fire Extinguish System is allowed to continuingly apply. Only in such a case we use recycled Halon gas in accordance with Halon bank system.

The major target places:

■Machine rooms

Example: Transformer substation, Power generating room, Boiler room, Pump room, Telephone switch-room, Communication room, Elevator machine room, Parking lot, Car repair factory, etc.

■Combustible Storage Rooms

Example: Storage and dealing room for oils, petroleum, rubber and paper.

■Rooms where water or liquefied agents are not recommended to use.

Example: Center control room, Broadcasting room, Computer room, Vault, Library, office, etc.