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Example of the system

We put a fire extinguishing system friendly to everything into a reality.

Nitrogen Fire Extinguishing System is one of the gas fire extinguishing systems that attracts a great deal of attention among Halon alternative fire extinguishing systems since abolition of producing Halon 1301 fire extinguishing agent and since the time when risk of accidents by Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing facilities were highlighted.
Nitrogen gas released by the system reduces concentration of Oxygen in the room and its suffocation effect extinguishes the fire.


Nitrogen Gas is clean gas and does not destroy any environment. Its destructive coefficient of ozone layer is "zero" and global warming potential is also "zero."


Types of extinguishing agents Inert System Fluorine System
Name of System Nitrogen Fire Extinguishing Systems CO2 Fire Extinguishing Systems Halon 1301 Fire Extinguishing Systems HFC227ea Fire Extinguishing Systems
Destructive coefficient
of ozone layer
0 0 10.5 0
Global warming potential 0 1 5,800 2,020
Air remaining years
*78% of Air

0.1 % lower of Air component
120 years 31 years

People- friendly!

Nitrogen has no risk of poisoning to people like Carbon Dioxide does because the speed of absorbed by human body is slow. It does not disturb vision for evacuation since the gas is colorless and transparent and thus safe evacuation is assured.


Comparison Figure
  • As Nitrogen gas causes neither frosting nor dewing, it does not corrode metals. Additionally isolation effect is high and no decomposed gas is generated. No concern about stain of metal or electrical equipment.
  • *We recommend “Gas releasing heads with silencers” to reduce the sounds of releasing fire extinguishing agent to server room, etc.

Places, where water damage or dirt damage are needed to avoid, are the installation target objects.

It can be installed at the places where sprinkler or foam system is unsuitable.
(Places where water damage or dirt damage is needed to avoid, or places where the fire may be caused by electricity or oil.)

Installation target compartment

Communication equipment room, Control room, Electrical room, Generator room, Cable room, Films storehouse, Parking lot, Library, Art work storehouse, etc.