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Various engines for Control Panel, Railway, Vessel, etc. and electrical facilities.

Machine Gem Jr.

Example of installing the Fire Extinguishing System for a control panel.

Example of installing the Fire Extinguishing System for a control panel.

Tube Type Simple Automatic Fire Extinguishing System, Machine Gem Jr., is a fire extinguishing system which is able to automatically extinguish fire even under non-availability of electricity. Tubes are laid around or inside of control panels, various transportation equipment and power panels. When fire occurs fire extinguishing agent spouts out from tubes melted by heat of fire.

●Automatic fire extinguishing at an initial stage

It extinguishes fire at an initial stage and minimizes damages by fire.

●The fire extinguishing agent is safe and clean.

NovecTM1230 is used as fire extinguishing agent which is highly safe and friendly to environment. Since its insulation properties (resistance value) are high, it does not let short-circuit even if the agent spouts out over electrical equipment.

●No power source is needed and is workable even under black out.

It is workable under black out situation (Electrical power source is not needed).

●Installation and maintenance are easy.

Installation work is only to fix fire extinguish containers, flame sensing tubes, manual press buttons and discharge nozzles. No special installation works are required.


Switchboard, Control panel, Battery, Machine tool, Various engine parts of Railway, Bus, and Vessel, Small scale hazardous material storage, Small laboratory equipment, Electric power source, etc.