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Evolving Medical Environment is our service field.

“One Stop Solution” supporting precious lives.

Progress of medical technologies is very speedy and brisk. Accordingly medial workplaces and environments are required to be evolved. With regards to space (such as operating theatre, ICU and central supply department) and to facilities specific to hospitals (such as medical gas, special infectious drains, RI and dissection inspection and so on), surrounding medical business, we provide “one stop solution” from consulting services, equipment supply, installation, operation to after sales services.

We are one of the leading companies and supplied designs for more than 5,000 operating theatres.

operating room

We have not only supplied hospital facilities of electrical, air conditioning and medical gases but offered only-one particular operating theatres in terms of wall fixtures, floor, wall and ceiling.

Top manufacturer which created a medical gas supply facilities in Japan.

In 1957 we put the first Medical Gas Supplying System on the market in Japan. As a pioneer of medical Gas Supplying System which is directly connected to safety of patients, we will continue to supply safety and comfort to our customers.