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Support Systems for ICU

In medical situation which is critical and no one has time to lose, hospital staffs need to utilize limited spaces and to provide safer and efficient medical care in ICU. In order to support ICU activities we prepare to furnish ICU with excellent function and workability so that required equipment can be placed at optimum positions.

Ceiling Pendants

Ceiling Pendants 1
Ceiling Pendants 2

Ceiling-suspended unit of arm type enables you to freely arrange facilities such as power supply, medical gas and communications. Not only the space around heads, it can also easy to support the space around legs.

Medical Hanger

Medical Hanger 1
Medical Hanger 2

This is a Ceiling-suspended unit that the service head slides to the left or right.
You can orderly place the equipment, such as power supply, medical gas and communications.

Wall Care Unit

Wall Care Unit

Compare to the ceiling-suspended unit, wall care unit does not give feeling of pressure or a sense of uneasiness through the patient's field of vision. Storage space, and water supply and drainage facilities for dialysis can be incorporated.

Ceiling Rail Systems

Ceiling Rail Systems

This unit is for the power supply and the syringe-wheel hydraulic support from hanging trolley hanged from ceiling rail. Please use in combination with wall care unit.