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Surgical Light (Deneb LED)

LED Surgical Light(Deneb LED)

Deneb LED Surgical Lights are the fruits of outstanding optical technologies. They have a high operability and a unique design which suppresses turbulent flow. Their power consumption is low and the LED has a long life time. "Deneb LED Surgical Light" is the solution for requests from medical workplaces.

1.Color temperature

Deneb LED Surgical Light has two ranges of products. One is single- color series which provides homogeneous and natural sun white light, the other is multi- color series which can adjust the color temperature in five stages (3,500 ~ 5,500K)

2.Lower heat generation, lighter shadow, deeper illumination depth


Low heat generation, excellent lighter shadow, and deeper illumination depth were achieved by innovative technique of reflector and unique design of the light's body.

3.Minimizing turbulent flow

Minimizing turbulent flow

Deneb LED Surgical Light's low power consumption (60W) and their simple design have a high effect to minimize turbulent flow.

4.High operability and a novel design

Deneb LED Surgical Light fixed on multi joint arm is thin and light, and is smoothly operable.
Moreover, unique triangle shape, to minimize the gap between main light and sub light when they are used at the same time in combination.

5.Tempered Glass cover

Deneb LED Surgical Light’s cover is ESG safety tempered glass which has high tolerance to chemicals and scratches.
It does not become dim due to cleaning with chemical agents. The light can permiate to its full extent through the cover. The cver will be kept in a clean state for a long period of time.