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It is like a house. A very new form of Operating Theatre being created by people who are working there and aiming to an ideal surgical operation.

Operating Room(AMhouse)

It might be said that operating theatre is the core of acute care.
We propose functional treatment circumstances, which are practical and easy to use, to meet every single request of medical personnel like doctors and nurses.
We will challenge to create a new therapeutic circumstances basing on experiences gained and achievements reached so far.


①Effective area is enlarged by 15% or more comparing to the conventional one.

AMhouse figure 1

In AMhouse case, equipments are not embedded in the wall as were so in a conventional operating theatre but are hanged from ceiling so as to eliminate the dead space of back wall and you can use floor area more effectively by 15% wider.

②Future additions or change of facilities are easy and flexible as you desire.

AMhouse figure 2

Equipment embedded in wall can be moved to any location depending on medical institutions or surgery subjects or way of use.
It is also your option whether to ensure a wide space by limiting the numbers of equipment or to increase the number of equipment to enrich the accommodation and facilities.

Hydro Tough

Cleaner and More robust

Hydro Tough

We use the panel called " Hydro Tough " that utilize light catalyst technology of TOTO on the wall and the ceiling of the operating theatre.
This panel can keep operating room clean by antibacterial and anti-virus performances and it can suppress smell as well.

Equipment embedded in walls

More Functionally for the operating theatre.
Aiming more functional operating theatre.

Equipment embedded in walls

We are willing to accept your custom-made order for storage and equipment embedded in walls, in addition to the standard lineup.

<Standard Equipment>

  • Equipment cupboards, medicine cabinet, heat insulation cabinet, refrigerator, freezer, and information panel
  • Medical Gas Unit, OP timer, Electrical Outlet module
  • Isolation Trance Unit, AV equipment storage, Monitor rack