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In hospitals, a variety of drainage is generated from dissecting room, inspection room and dialysis room.
The drainage may contain harmful bacteria and viruses.
In addition, the hydrogen ion concentration (pH value) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD value) must also be adjusted to the value within the legal limit.
Therefore the drainage from hospitals must be properly treated.

Special Infectious Drains Treatment System

The special infectious drains treatment system is a general term of the following infectious drains systems.
Infectious drains treatment system:
To disinfect drains which contain harmful bacteria and viruses.
Inspection system drains treatment system:
To adjust the hydrogen ion concentration (pH value) within the legal limit.
Dialysis drains:
To adjust biochemical oxygen demand (BOD value) within the legal limit.

Sterilization System for Infectious Drains("stabilized chlorine dioxide + ozone")

Drains Treatment System friendly to the environment, and required area for installation is minimized.

Certain disinfection effect is ensured by synergistic effect of stabilized dioxide and ozone.
Since it is a treatment with an oxidation, carcinogenic substance is hardly generated in comparison with a traditional treatment with chemicals. So it is an environment friendly process.
Compared to the processing method of the high-pressure steam and hypochlorous acid, it can be installed in a space-saving area.