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1)Exterior of R&D Center


Building:W x L x H 27mx26mx12m
Steel frame construction 2 stories

2)Entrance of the Center

Entrance of the Center

3)Outline of each experimental room

①Fire extinguishig verification room A

Height of ceiling of the room is adjustable in accordance with test purposes from the height of 3 to 8m. By connecting to adjacent varification room B, tests in large space and in highrise can be done.



When the ceiling height is 3m.

When the ceiling height is 3m.

When the height of ceiling is modified to 8m.

When the height of ceiling is modified to 8m.

When room A and room B are connected.

When room A and room B are connected.

②Fire extinguishig verification room B

It can recreate the use environment both in summer and winter.
(Temperature -10℃~60℃, Humidity 20~80%)

Fire extinguishig verification room B

③Fire extinguishig verification room C

Fire extingushing test can be done and you can experience low concentration of oxygen.

Fire extinguishig verification room C

④Environmental test chamber

This Chamber can adjust temperature from -20 to 60℃ and humidity from 20 to 95%.
You can check the environmental performance of cylinders and control panels.

Environmental test chamber

⑤Multipurpose test area

This area fits for multipurpose tests in largescale.

Multipurpose test area

⑥Prototype development room

You can make prtotypes and analyze them.

Prototype development room

⑦Measurement room

It can remotely operate and monitor the test rooms or any other designated areas.

Measurement room

4)Communication room

You can use this room as a workshop or explanatery meetings.
A large scale screens and projection mapping are available for presentation.

Interior of communication room

Interior of communication room

A large scale screens

A large scale screens.

Projection mapping

Projection mapping