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Sep. 1924 Technical cooperation between Kawasaki Dockyard Co., Ltd. (the former Kawasaki Aircraft Co., Ltd.) and Dragerwerk AG (Germany) in the development of respirators.
Dec. 1927 Developed the nation's first oxygen respirator.
Nov. 1937 Established Kawasaki Aircraft Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1942 Commenced production of fire extinguishing system for aircraft fuel tanks.
Aug. 1957 Commenced development, production and marketing of medical gas pipeline systems.
Apr. 1969 Merger of Kawasaki Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Kawasaki Aircraft Co., Ltd. and Kawasaki Rolling Stock Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1975 Established Kawasaki Safety Service Industries Co. Ltd.
Apr. 1977 Developed a compressed oxygen circulating type Model-10 oxygen respirator.
Mar. 1978 Commenced marketing of medical equipment, ceiling arms.
Mar. 1979 Commenced mass-production of a fire extinguishing system package, "Fire-Gem".
Nov. 1979 Commenced marketing of a simplified emergency respirator, "Life Rescue Mini".
Mar. 1983 Commenced marketing of medical consoles.
Oct. 1990 Completed construction and relocation of the Kobe head office and the main manufacturing plant.
Mar. 1992 Commenced marketing of piping equipment for special gases under a business alliance with a Swedish company, AGA Gas.
Apr. 1992 Merged Kawasaki Safety Construction Service Co., Ltd. and Chubu Medical Facilities Co., Ltd.
Aug. 1993 Commenced marketing of fire detection and alarm systems for marine vessels(A/A system).
Oct. 1994 Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange.
Feb. 1996 Opened Sendai Sales Office.
Apr. 1996 Commenced marketing of positive pressure type oxygen respirators, "Oxy Gem 11".
Apr. 1998 Opened Hiroshima Sales Office.
May. 1998 Formed a business alliance with Nihon Hostec Co., Ltd. Commenced marketing of the nitrogen fire extinguishing system, "KHN-II".
Jun. 1999 Earned ISO 9001 certificate .
Nov. 1999 Jointly developed the nursing-care system, "Kaigokun".
Dec. 1999 Opened Sapporo Sales Office.
Apr. 2000 Commenced marketing of the anti-toxic dust mask for the protection of breathing, "Hybrid Airline System".
Apr. 2002 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Nov. 2002 Established KCS Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2003 Formed a business alliance with Air Water Inc.
Dec. 2004 Established Shanghai Dongpeng Safety Service Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China.
Jul. 2005 Commenced marketing of "SSV-200" ventilator.
Aug. 2005 Air Water Inc. becomes our parent company.
Apr. 2006 Commenced marketing of portable fire extinguishing equipment, "Fighter-Gem."
Aug. 2006 Changed of Trade Name to Air Water Safety Service Inc.
Oct. 2006 Merged Seiken Medical Co. Ltd. as an affiliated company.
Dec. 2006 Concluded Agreement for manufacturing of care shower "Biami" with Air Water Inc.
Mar. 2007 Completed manufacturing and started sales of EOG sterilization equipment under co-development with Air water Inc.
July. 2007 Seiken Medical Co. Ltd. merged Japan Hostec Co. Ltd.
Aug. 2007 Air Water acquired 100% stock share and became owner of Air Water Safety Service Inc.
Feb. 2008 Formed a business alliance with Miwa Electric Medical Co. Ltd.
Apr. 2009 Merged Anes Co. Ltd.
Nov. 2009 Obtained CE Mark on Medical Gas Outlet and exported the first lot to Maquet, Germany in March 2010.
Oct. 2010 Merged Miwa Electric Medical Co. Ltd. as an affiliated company.
Dec. 2010 Supplied a new product, low noise injection nozzle to Messrs. NTT.
Mar. 2011 Dispatched an emergency support team to more than 100 hospitals to provide check and maintenance after disastrous Earthquake East Japan.
Sep. 2011 Opened a show room "Real AMhouse" for an advanced operating theater in Tokyo.
Sep. 2011 Ig Nobel Prize was awarded on Odor Fire Alarm Equipment that warns fire by Wasabi irritating gas. Two of our engineers who developed the equipment received the prize.
Jan. 2012 A German company Maquet commenced world-wide sales of medical gas outlets manufactured by Shanghai Dongpeng Safety Service Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2013 The first delivery of newly developed breathing apparatus “A1-12” to Fire Department Agency and other customers.
Oct. 2013 Developed a new medical gas piping system “AMmate” series.
Feb. 2014 Air Water Inc., our parent company, formed a business alliance with Morita Holdings Corporation.Commenced business cooperation with Morita Miyata Corporation on the sales of fire fighting equipment including Sprinex.
Mar. 2015 Took over business of operative field camera from Ecous Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2015 Merged Yamayoshi Steel & Metal Sheet Works Co., Ltd.
Aug. 2015 Merged Rad Safe Technical Service Inc.
Apr. 2016 Vibration Test Center was constructed and commenced commercial operation.
Nov.2016 Merged Yamayoshi Steel & Metal Sheet Works Co., Ltd. into Seiken Medical Co., Ltd.
Apr.2018 Seiken Medical Co. Ltd. was disolved and reorganized to join in Air Water Safety Service Inc. and Miwa Electric Medical Co. Ltd. respectively.