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Air Water Safety Service Inc. has established a personal information protection policy as described below. AWSS builds a mechanism of personal information protection and has all employees fully recognize the importance of personal information protection policy and comply with the policy.
Thus AWSS promotes personal information protection policy.

Control of personal information
AWSS keeps the personal information accurate and up-to-dated and strictly controls personal information in the following manners.
AWSS prevents unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration and leakage of the information.
AWSS maintains a security system and management system.
AWSS thoroughly trains employees.
AWSS takes all necessary security countermeasures.
Use of personal information
AWSS uses the personal information provided by customers to send e-mails to customers or sending documents by postal mail to them which includes information to them or business information or answers to questions from customers.
Prohibition of disclosure or supplying the personal information to the third party.

AWSS will properly manage the personal information and will not disclose it to any third party except for the following cases:

  • The case when customer’s consent and approval are granted.
  • The case when AWSS discloses the information to a company whom AWSS entrusts services with in order to fulfill the service desired by customers.
  • The case when the disclosure is required by applicable laws and ordinances.
Safety measures for personal information
AWSS takes all possible measures on securities to make sure accuracy and safety of personal information.
Response to customer’s requests
When AWSS receives a request by a customer of reference, modification or deletion of personal information, after identification of the customer, AWSS will take requested actions for the customer.
Compliance with laws and regulations and re-check the policy.
AWSS complies the Japanese laws and regulations governing the personal information possessed by AWSS, reviews its policy from time to time and try to improve it.
Contact for privacy policy

For inquiries concerning personal information, please contact at below address.

Air Water Safety Service Inc.

  • 3-2-16 Nishiku-ku, Takatsukadai, Kobe 651-2271,Japan
  • TEL +81-(0)78-992-1400 FAX +81-(0)78-993-2076